Amy mezo keener cheating liar cluck

Enjoys going after men in relationships, marriages. She is professionally mentally ill with bi polar. However ex hers said she has multiple personalities. Many years ago an ex hers went to doctor with her The doctor told him when he went with her. She is relentless, spent 10 years going after a couples relationship. She is full of envy of couples relationships. She has told exs she has stds. So she is not clean. She isnt a safe, responsbile parent. She left her 3 year old alone all night in a camper and in the morning he got electrocuted. He died in past. She didnt learn a lesson by having her older kid witness another domestic violence fight with her now ex “R” and her. She had lost custody of that kid years prior due to that but from a different man. That kids dad has let her get away with endangering their son for years. Claiming he dont have money for court. They deserve both their rights stripped. Neither would care to get their kid food for month. She neglects her older kid as he was caught looking for food in a dumpster in 2015. She told a few people she was raped by that kids dad for how she became pregnant many years ago with this older kod. Yet she spent years relentlessly “tries” to date him and have a sexual relationship with him. She sent him love texts, flirts in person on phone. She admitted in 2017 to wanting to cheat on her 2nd husband with her older sons kids dad. She did that when the guy in a serious, long term relationship. She doesnt keep her visits consistent with oldest kid. (This the 1 she lost custody of many years ago &also had witness a few domestic violence fights) she complains about another womens visits with their own child by making threats to kids dad. Shes a ungreateful bitch as shes had years of chances to be eith her own kid and spent years canceling. All this was before she even found out she has cancer. Or had it. She had no excuse as she wasnt going thru the chemo to make a person more tired. She use to take away her older kids bed when it was her weekends. As she barely had kid due to canceling alot. She would make accusations about her own older kid, which is that kid touched the privates of the half sibling. Which she made up just to be the screwed up person she is. She screams at ex “shes1st” for years while he had been in a serious commited relationship and engaged to be married. She was married at the time she did it. The guy just had a newborn baby when amy did this. And she was telling the guy lies his baby from his girlfriend/fiance was not his. Saying his woman got with black guys in chicago. Which is completely lies. She did it to try to break them up. She makes false complaints to dcfs. To try to break them up. She has ganged up on ex women with the guys mom to try to break up the couple. She has sent threats in past to exs girlfriend, that amy will make her loose the babies the women preg nant with. She has accused the girlfriend being jealous of amys son. When the women never was. There was other situations that amy didnt understand. She and her kids dad didnt do any daily or nightly care or caretaking on their kid since 2007 up to 2017. Amy still doesnt. But the dad does to a minimum. Amy has kidnapped her older kid from ex that she dont have custody of in 2016 and in 2017 tried to trick kid telling kid lies. Amy has fed that kid paintballs decades ago when kid toddler. She causes a serious risk to the health to minors. She lets drunk and high people on occasion watch her minor kids. She complains about oldest 1 living at dads when she a hypocrite and worse. She let way worse stuff happen to her kids than her exs other kids mom. Amy had dropped her infant on a concrete curb many years ago. Which caused a brain injury and had 3 kids witness domestic violence decades ago. And dcfs and lee county was willing to work with her to get her rights back. Yet years later her ex who abused a girlfriend and lied who to blame for a domestic which made that guys girlfriend loose her rights. So amy wants to play she better person safer responsible and doesnt do that to her kids. Haa. Yeah right! If you havent been able to understand this, read slower. She put her kids thru more than 3 domestic violence fights in past and it wasnt that long ago. Amy has no business in her exs relationships she doesnt co parent on kid to the dad. She doesnt financially help out for older kid monthly. When the women he dated had for years. It wasnt the girlfriends kid but she had helped financially in many past years amy makes excuses to not help on their own kid to be immature. She lets young kids under 12 watch horror movies with sex scenes that show the privates. Thats a crime. She makes excuses to drive 35 minutes or less to have her weekend with the older kid from ex. She either makes kid do wood chopping, mowing acres of other people land, etc. On the weekends she supposed to be paying attention to him, or building a better relationship with. Other times she leaves for entire day on her weekend eith older kid leaving in the care of a adult that on drugs as well as does them around the kid. See her ex “D” s other kids mom doesnt do drugs nor drink while with or around her kid. She doesnt leave her kid with drunk or on drugs individuals. That other women didnt try to kill her kid nor amys, like amy had in past another kids dads kid. Amy made no real attempt to fix her relationship with her oldest for past years and now thinks she can go into her exs situation about his other kids mom relationship on her kid. Amys a bitch. Freedom of speech. None this defamation so shes gonna be screwed when she tries. Plus cost her thousands. Haaa. Amy has from 2008-2017 made accusations her ex who also the dad to oldest kid, that the girlfriend “came between amy and her ex” because amy has mental disorders and cant understand how to count. She also cant learn to stop falsly accusating that women which has been perceieved as harrassment, inflicting emotional distress onto his women. All because amy angry her ex has her kid and she wants him back. She didnt co parent for many past years which this went on. She was constantly canceling on their kid. She never showed for parent teacher confrences for kids school. Never been supportive her ex also cut her off on things about that. My point wtf she need to scream at hin for many years she needs 1st for when she didnt make effort to want to bother on their kid! She was trying to make the guy disrespect,cheat on his girlfriend, cause stress in the couples relationship. She did that relentlessly from 2008-2018. She has no physical custody for their kid. She has no order saying she can be inside his house. Unlike the guys other kids mom, she got a order to. After a seperation. Amy has left her husband in car in 2014 christmas to try to make drama, guilt trip her exs family to try to be apart of their get together for christmas and photos. Amy’s pathetic. She has had gone out her way to start drama at her older kids dads long term relationship. Bitch cant move on even after marrying a 2nd guy. She dont parent nor had co parented the exs kid of whom amy has done this to. She has no remorse. She admits to their kid she enjoys trting to break up families, relationship s. Yet this ungreateful bitch has had many years of chances with her kid and her ex let her get away with a lot bad thibgs she did. And she talks shit about his other kids mom. As she wants him back so she wants that women and him broken up. She is a nasty herpie lipped, multiple personality mental by professionals in other ways, has ludacris delusions from her mental illnesses. She obese and hasnt lost the fat gut from 8 years ago. Maybe she be on the 600 pound women tv next year. She cant write a sentence either. She makes no sense and is crazy delusional. She makes threats her exs women going to rot in prison. When its amy who going to make her own self a worse fate with how she treats people.meaning karma what goes around will come around. She wants a ex who abused her who she cheated on who she said he raped her and kid made from. She is a sad pathetic annoying bitch. Who needs to move on from her ex D. Shes pathetic he doesnt want her. She uses her guys for money and then cheats. She was divorced by the 1st one. And all her kids dads so embarrised and tired her endless mental delusions of drama that none them want to be together to be a family with her. Nor do they want attached to her in any way for how slutty and pyscho she is.
She harrasses the ex and when she ignored it because shes blocked ha ha. Bet she didnt have a clue. While shes calling and is ignored the guy had his women ride him for hours giving him mind blowing orgasims. Amy would be so jealous this obese mental cheating homewrecker. Lastly she has threatened to make a couple have dcfs falsely take their kid from them. Amys a wacko who is relentless with no self respect nor respect to others. She a cheater on every guy she has dated as well as her husbands knowing she does cheat.


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