CJ hluzk from Justice,il Cheat,alcholic, liar

When we met he said he single. He asked me to date him and we did. Months go by and I’m looking thru his stuff at his place to find he’s married. I ask him about it and says it been over for awhile& she moved out to a mobile park down the street. So we keep dating, sleep together and 1 day I get a voicemail at my place from her. She claims they still together. He tried to convince me they weren’t and she jealous. Well as time went on, she ended up showing up at his place. She attacked me while their kid there. She made his daughter fall down the stairs. She deserves posted too here. Name Amy. She deserved to have dcfs charge her for what she did to her kid and witnessed. So after that, I find out he cheated on me with her and 2 other females. A Kelly and a Frances. As well as his ex Amy. Well Amy was sleeping with another guy and dating another guy while she came after me and our relationship. Yep. But it didn’t matter this asshole cheated on me with like I said 3 others. He use to put bruises on my arms so he is abusive as well. He drinks every day and is an alcoholic. He can’t even finish for sex cause he’s always so drunk. 1 of our mutual friends broke into his place to steal from him for what he did to me. Haaa. Many years went by and he still didn’t know. Chris aka CJ uses drugs. Cocaine, crack, weed, X pills, Molly. He can’t keep straight his lies. And probably has STDS by the trash he picks in the trailer park he has lived at in past. He is still with the fat bitch Kelly. I bet he cheats on her Haaa OMG she is dumb. Of course he’s cheated on her. And from the beginning he was using her as she had a car and he didn’t. Yep he had no vehicle and no license. What a winner not, haa. He worked as a janitor. OMG what a loser!

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