Stay Away from LICSW Therapist Dan Sutelman, Brookline, Massachusetts

Can be very nice and charming… Has lots of problems… None of them are his fault, of course. Never does any wrong. People hate him for no reason, according to him. Always a victim… he is a Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSW, can’t keep a job… Gets people to give him things or help him… Not interested in anyone unless he can get something out of them… Pretends he’s tough, says he’ll kick everybody’s a*s, really a total chickenshit runt that calls himself a man. Doesn’t take care of his kids, yet talks about his kids to strangers as though he sees them every day, and he doesn’t even know their correct ages. Exaggerates friendships, drops names of “famous” people he claims to know, brags about things that a normal person would be ashamed to admit… Totally hedonistic, alcoholic, verbally abusive, controlling, maniuplative, conning JERK! Loves revenge… I’d give his name but don’t want to end up on his long list of people that he plans to get even with. I hope he burns in H**L! Dan Sutelman, LICSW: Therapist Brookline MA
251 Harvard St. Suite 10
Brookline, Massachusetts 02446
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(617) 620-2936

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