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Melissa Ann Jackson Aiken SC is a Gold Digging Homewrecker. Melissa lends a sympathetic ear to married men going through hard times. Of course she can relate because she is always a victim. So after awhile she knows what they like and dislike. She starts making out how bad their wife is and promising them every thing they want. Of course she gives them sex to help seal the deal. Gets them to leave their wife and then they have to follow her rules and have plenty of money or she cuts them off until she needs something. Of course they can’t live with her yet because they have to get a divorce first. They also have to have permission before coming to her house. The real reason is because she plays several guys at one time and she doesn’t want them to discover each other. Melissa is good at what she does. Lying, minuplating, homewrecking and being a w***e. If they don’t act right they get blocked and she reaches out to their wife and tells some more lies mixed with a little bit of truth and agrees to testify. Meanwhile she tells the guy they can get back together when things calm down. Melissa thinks it is funny to play with people’s lives and use them and she doesn’t care about the children that get hurt in the process. The article on the right was written by someone else. So I don’t if my husband was number 8 or 9. Her mother Gwen Orander Jackson helps her out so she can keep destroying people’s lives.

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